Exotic India Vacation Tour Packages

India is a country that’s known worldwide for its exquisite monuments and exotic culture. A vacation in India is something you’ll remember all your life – the country is exciting and lovable in each of its aspects. If you are able to choose the right exotic India vacation tour packages that offered by a reputed tour company, you’ll get the most out of your tour and see India that way it should be seen.

If you are a foreigner travelling to India, you need to take care of a few things. Entry requirements and health and safety are the main concerns. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a repeat traveller, you’ll need expert help so that you can see the best tourist attractions and do the best things.

Tour companies offer a wide range of India Holiday vacation tour packages which you can pick from – according to your preferences and budget. Most of the tour agents have ready-made tours available for almost every state and region where you want to go in India. Plus, they offer flexible options so that you can have a selected vacation tour package customized as per your specific requirements. All you need to do is get in touch with their customer care team and tell what exactly you want and they’ll have it done for you in the same way as you want.

At the same time, you should understand that vacation possibilities in India are mind-boggling. India is a vast country with multiple different languages and cultures. If you plan to have a vacation in the Himalayan region, you should visit states like Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh. These are great destinations for nature-lovers and adventure sports lovers. For a beach vacation tour, you should head straight to places like Goa, Kerala and Odisha – all located along the Indian coastline. But Kerala is known for many other things than just the beaches. One of the most popular vacation tour packages of India is the Golden Triangle which includes the famous cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. These cities have some of the world’s most well-known attractions. Jaipur is famously known as the ‘Pink City’. Delhi is dispersed with a number of Mughal-era tourist attractions. Agra is where the Taj Mahal is located.

India is truly a great vacation destination. The country offers almost every type of vacation that the modern-day traveller looks for. You can have a wildlife vacation tour, an adventure vacation tour, a beach vacation tour, a historical vacation tour or a religious vacation tour. The wildlife of northern and southern India is worth exploring. Adventure lovers can have a great time in the Himalayan region and along the India’s coastline. India has so much to offer that you’ll be overwhelmed.

One of the most important things that you should remember while having a vacation in India is etiquette. Most of the etiquette is associated with eating and drinking. If you choose to join and eat with Indians, you should use the right hand to eat with. Using the left hand to eat is considered a bad manner. Always remember to not drink from someone else’s glass or spoon. Use only your own glass and spoon. Etiquette is extremely important when visiting religious places like temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras etc. Before you enter these places, you should take off the shoes and cover your head with a piece of cloth. This is done as a mark of respect and if you do otherwise, you’ll only hurt people’s sentiments.

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Why Nepal Should Be on Top of Your Bucket List

Nepal – home of the world’s largest mountain peak, is country surrounded by land on all 4 sides. Due to its surrounding countries (China and India), Nepal shows a diversity in culture like no other place. Along with that the country has high populations of Hindus and Buddhists and also adapts its culture from Tibet. This country in all its essence is rich in culture and is still close to nature. During the British reign of the sub continent, Nepal acted as a strong buffer between the colonies in India and the Imperial China. The country is divided into seven small states. The country has a lot to offer to tourists and peace seekers alike and if you fall in one of these categories, this is what you should do when you go to Nepal: (Pro-travel tip – Buy some Singapore Airline Miles if you want to save your travel money.

1. You get to ride an Elephant at Chitwan National Park
Ever heard the phrase, ‘Go big or go home!’. This is where you actually get to apply the phrase to real life. The elephant rides here are adventurous and also give you the best seat in the house to view the whole park as you move along. This marshy area is the habitat for many different types of animal species and is a dream come true for any nature enthusiast. The boiling natural water present here is a shock to anyone who believes that Nepal is all about mountains filled with snow.

2. You get to meditate at the Lumbini
For any Buddha enthusiast this place is a sanctuary and the reason for that is the fact that this place was home to one of the most iconic figures in history – The Buddha. This place is known to be peaceful and helps bring out your inner sense of freedom and spirituality. Even if you’re not a Buddhist, you should still give this place a try. You never know how this might help you out. If you have time, it is strongly suggested that you stay a night or two at this place to absorb everything here (including the breath taking temples and sanctuaries).

3. You can visit the base camp of Mount Everest
If you don’t want to experience the whole trek of the world’s largest mountain, that’s okay. You can avoid that and yet still get some experience by visiting the base camp. Good thing is you don’t have to plan for ages before going to visit this place. Take a flight and have a once in a lifetime trekking experience that lasts for 16 days. You’ll also get to meet loads of people who will go on to trek the mountain. And maybe you’ll get motivated to come back next time to do the world’s toughest trek.

A Brief Travel and Tourist Guide to Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland


Dumfries and Galloway is located in Southern Scotland and borders the English county of Cumbria. Historically, the region is entwined with significant events in Scotland’s history, especially around the time of 1300 AD. Its rural areas are often sites of natural beauty, and parts of Dumfries and Galloway are part of Historic Scotland with many tourist attractions open during the summer months.

Threave Castle

Threave Castle was built in the 1300s and was home to Archibald Douglas, better known as “Archibald the Grim”. Threave Castle became Archibald’s stronghold after he was awarded an earldom by King David II for the services to Scotland that the Douglas family had performed. Archibald’s father, Sir James Douglas “The Good” had been entrusted to take Robert the Bruce’s heart to Jerusalem, but had been killed by Moors in Spain. The family had also played a significant role in quashing rebellions that sided with the English. Subsequently, the black heart symbol became synonymous with the Douglas family.

This is just a snapshot of the history that is contained within the walls of Threave Castle. It’s grim yet fascinating history is made all the more real by the ferryman that takes you across to Threave Island. The castle is now part of Historic Scotland and is open during the summer months.

Laggan Outdoor

Laggan Outdoor features outdoor activities catering for the family and the serious outdoor enthusiast. Mountain Balling, Water Balling, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Archery, Segway, Mountain Boarding, and Grass Sledging are all catered for. Though they angle the marketing towards team builders, families are welcome as are stag and hen parties. They are situated on a particularly beautiful piece of Galloway coastline.

Old Blacksmith’s Shop Gretna Green

Gretna Green is famous for marriage on the fly. A little like marriage in Las Vegas only there is no casinos and a lot less tack. The Old Blacksmith’s Shop contains an anvil and coach museum, tartan and tweed shop, and other attractions which all tell the story of Gretna Green and how it became home to the runaway marriage.

The Grey Mare’s Tail

The Grey Mare’s Tail is Scotland’s deepest waterfall. Water falls 200 feet into a valley and fills Moffat water far below Loch Skeen the starting point of the waterfall. The surrounding area is a nature reserve owned by National Trust for Scotland. There are excellent walking routes beginning or ending at The Grey Mare’s Tail and due to the valley forming due to geological erosion, the Grey Mare’s Tail is a site of geological interest.

Robert Burns

Robert Burns is arguably Scotland’s greatest poet, and has written enduring poetry which has survived generations. For much of his adult life, the great man lived in Dumfries, and there are several monuments in his honour. Many Dumfries and Galloway tourists tend to visit the site, which is an organisation dedicated to preserving the memory and works of Robert Burns to learn more about Scotland’s greatest poet.

There is a range of holiday and vacation rental accommodation in Dumfries and Galloway, and throughout Scotland.

Plan Your Next Vacation In Beautiful Lorain County, Ohio

Located on the southern shore of the beautiful Lake Erie and just west of Cleveland, Lorain County Ohio is a great summer travel destination that boasts outdoor adventures, back roads and beaches, performing arts and sporting events.

The Lorain County Visitors Bureau, which is funded by Commissioner Ted Kalo, Commissioner Lori Kokoski and Commissioner Tom Williams, has a wealth of information about all of the great things to do throughout the county. Attractions for tourists include family recreation, lake and boating events, and historical attractions.

Although the winters in northeast Ohio can bring heavy snows and freezing temperatures, the spring, summer and autumn months are a great, temperate time to bring the whole family to visit. The county’s largest city is Lorain, which is a famous port location that sits on the lake and is known worldwide as “The International City” because of its many multicultural events and influences.

Elyria, which is the county seat, is home to the breathtaking Cascade Park, Lorain County Community College, and government offices such as the Lorain County Commissioners administration building. Additionally, Oberlin College is located south of the City of Lorain, and it is famed throughout the country for its excellent liberal arts curriculum and diverse student population.

If you enjoy fairs, then it doesn’t get any better than the Lorain County Fair, which is held every summer in Wellington (in the southern part of the county). Fair-goers are treated to amusement and rides, great food, livestock shows, stock car racing and live music from famous singers and bands.

There are many other fun attractions located within driving distance, as well. About an hour to the west, in Sandusky, you can ride roller coasters at the world-famous amusement park Cedar Point. And the City of Cleveland is just a half hour to the east, offering big-city entertainment venues and sporting events from the likes of professional teams like the Cavaliers, the Browns and the Indians.

Lorain County’s own hometown minor league baseball team, the Lake Erie Crushers, have their own stadium in Avon, which is located in the eastern portion of the county. The team has quickly become a local favorite and the stadium is always packed to capacity during their summer games.

Regardless of what kind of recreation and entertainment you like, Lorain County makes a really great vacation destination for the whole family. The locals are friendly and helpful, and they always welcome visitors.

Holiday In China: Take These Famous Temples On Your Trip List

Is the land of the red dragons beckoning you? China has seen a period marked by radical changes in its economy. It has experienced a period of rapid change ever since it opened its doors to the globe in the 70s. In recent times, more people from around the world are going to China to catch a glimpse of the rich heritage of the country. Since China opened its doors to globalization, many western amenities are available now. Although you can make payments with Visa and Master card still cash is the preferred medium. Let us discuss some of the famous temples in China. Let us ensure that they become a part of your holiday in China.

The Temple of Heaven, Beijing:

The architecture of the temple is stunning. It has an adjacent park where visitors can practice tai chi according to their convenience. The Temple of Heaven is regarded as the holiest temple among all the imperial temples.

Nanshan Temple:

It is considered one of the holy places of the Buddhists. Situated against the backdrop of sea and mountains the Nanshan Temple’s designs reflect the ancient architecture of China.

Yonghe Temple, Beijing:

The halls of Yonghe Temple in Bejing have bronze Bodhisattva statues. During the spring season, on the premises of the temple fairs are held which are attended by a large flock of visitors.

White Horse Temple:

This is one of the oldest temples in China. The White Horse Temple is considered as the cradle of Buddhism. The visitors can feel the spiritual world by listening to the ancient stories. During the reign of Han dynasty, the emperor had sent many monks to India to bring Buddhist scriptures from India. They were brought on a white horse. This is how the White Horse temple got its name.

South Putout Temple:

It is an ancient temple located in Xiamen. There are ancient golden carvings and a thousand hands Buddha is found here.

Shaolin Temple:

This was one of the ancient temples in China. Kung Fu and Chinese martial arts were taught here.

Hanging Temple:

At the foothills of Hengshan Mountains, the famous Hanging Temple is located. It has stood there for one thousand years. The buildings were built in a unique manner. They are supported by wooden pillars which are cut and inserted on the surface of the mountains. Taking a walk on this stretch can be adventurous.

The Wudang Mountains:

There are many temples built around the spectacular Wudang Mountains. One of them is the Nanyan Temple which is built with rocks collected from the nearby cliffs.

For a first time visitor to China, it may become a challenging task to visit all the places on your own. You can take assistance from the travel advisors. They can provide you with guidance and help you chalk out an itinerary for a holiday in China. They can help you to chalk out the trip you want. It will not be possible to visit all the tourist attractions.

11 Amazing Travel Tips to Enjoy Holidays

To spend holidays with loved ones is always a fun activity. However, you will find many people, who claim that they did not enjoy their holiday trip despite getting best travel deals. Here you need to understand that to spend an enjoyable holiday is not just about getting right travel deals but it is also about appropriate planning, budgeting, and then packing. If you are also planning to go for vacations then apart from getting best travel deals to make your trip economical yet splendid, there are various tips, which you should keep in your mind. These tips are as follows:

1. If you are planning a vacation alone, then select the holiday destination of your choice but if you are planning it with your friends or family members then take their consent too.

2. Budget your holidays and for this, make sure that you know the estimated cost of everything before your budgeting phase. Keep in mind that once you will know that how much best accommodation deals will cost you only then you will be able to buy them for your convenient stay at your dream place.

3. Try to plan your budget in an appropriate manner to enjoy a holiday. However, it depends on your approach. For example, if you want to spend your holidays in a luxury hotel in London then you can save money to make this dream come true. This will be your hard work to make your dream come true. In the case of smart work, you can search for best luxury hotel deals in London to save some pennies.

4. To get luxury hotel deals anywhere, you want is not a problem, these days. However, if you have a strict budget, then always either prefer budget hotels or get discount hotel rooms in luxury hotels to stay within your budget.

5. Always reserve your flight tickets and discount hotel rooms in advance to avoid any hassle later on.

6. Pack your luggage few days before your departure to your dream world. Do not forget to keep the clothes after laundry. Moreover, try to avoid taking clothes, which need ironing.

7. Pack your belongings according to the weather conditions of your holiday destination. Do not forget to keep a hat with you, as it will keep you safe in every kind of weather condition. However, the type of hat to be carried along may vary. For example, if you are about to visit any place in winter then a woollen knitted hat will be proved handy, as it will keep your warm.

8. Avoid taking new shoes. Just think what you will do if you will find your new shoes uncomfortable. However, in case, you are packing new clothes of yours for holidays then always give them a trial first before packing them.

9. To pack all your belongings in a travel bag with wheels will prove handy, as it will be easy for you to drag it anywhere you want without applying much force.

10. Do not forget to keep all your documents. It is highly recommended to also keep one set of the photocopy with you especially while travelling to another country or continent. Moreover, email their scanned copy to your email address as well.

11. Always keep a first aid travel kit with you to deal with emergencies during your trip.

Hence, keep all these above-mentioned handy tips in mind to enjoy your holiday travel at best.

African Safaris and African Safari Culture

If you have ever taken an overland journey across Africa then you have experienced the joy and wonder of a Safari. However, this was not always the case as traditionally a Safari referred to a big game hunt. However, with the changing attitudes and the more eco friendly approach of modern day society almost all safaris in this day and age only consist of shooting photos of the wildlife and not shooting guns at the wildlife.

The origins of the word Safari

It was roughly in the middle to late 19th century that the Swahili word Safari was first used in the English language. It was one of many incorporated into the “Queens English” at this time because of the influence of foreign languages and cultures on the largest empire the world has ever known, the British Empire.

The original Swahili word however was also borrowed from a foreign language, this being Arabic, and is an extension of the word safra, which means “journey”. It was incorporated into the Swahili word kusafiri which means “to travel” and the noun for this word is safari. This word is still in everyday use in Kenya today as it is used there to describe any journey, be it a bus trip to the capital of Nairobi or a 4×4 journey to Mombasa.

Did you know?

The famous British explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton is credited as being the first English speaking person to use the word in its modern English context.

Safaris in Africa today

Across the entire continent of Africa there are a number of operators that offer a number of different safari services that range from lodge based tours that consist of daily overland travel from camp to camp to air safaris in which clients fly into remote areas and travel out from a central “base camp”. Almost all modern day safaris also include game walks that are undertaken with trained game wardens and game rangers as well as game guides skilled in both animal lore and tracking and African story telling. All of these modern day safaris are run with a strong eco friendly ethos and almost all game and safari operators very seldom allow hunting in the reserve areas unless for medical or over population culling purposes.

The Safari Culture

There is a certain dress sense associated with the word safari thanks not only to the English way of dressing while on the African continent in the late 1800’s, but also thanks to the way Hollywood has portrayed it over the past 100 years. This dress style became very well known under the term “safari chick” after the release of the film Out of Africa staring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford.

Extreme Vacationing in the Great Smoky Mountains

For some, rest and relaxation might be the goal, but if your vacation dreams involve more than a beach chair and a good book, then a visit to the Great Smoky Mountains is in order. Satisfy your craving for adventure with an invigorating look at the mountains from high in the trees, or test your nerve on the newest roller coaster to call Dollywood home. Thrill seekers of all ages will find something to love about their Great Smoky Mountain vacation.

Not Just Another Hike in the Wilderness

A simple walk in the woods might be fine for some, but if excitement and exhilaration is more your style, don’t miss a chance to get a bird’s eye view of the Great Smoky Mountains. Ziplines crisscross this vast wilderness, and offer a glimpse at some of the most stunning scenery you’ll ever encounter.

Strap on a harness and helmet, and soon you’ll be soaring through the treetops at breathtaking speed. Pause for a minute high atop a Hemlock while you snap a photo of the picturesque valley spread out below. Then stow your gear, because it’s time to be off on the next leg of your amazing zipline tour. Whether you’re a rookie or an old pro, ziplines offer one of the most exciting ways to see the scenery.

Fly Like an Eagle

If the zipline put you in the mood for speed, you’ll want to make Dollywood your next stop. Pigeon Forge’s favorite family fun spot is adding to its collection of heart-stopping thrill rides in 2012, with the addition of Wild Eagle, the country’s first “wing” coaster.

Take a seat on the wings of this giant eagle as it takes flight over the park. You’ll plunge into a 200-foot dive before swooping into a series of corkscrew turns that will leave you breathless. Skim over the trees and wave to your friends on the ground before coming in for a landing. If you’ve ever dreamed of flying like a bird, the Wild Eagle is your chance to soar.

No Parachute Required

Have you ever thought you might like to try skydiving? In Pigeon Forge, TN, you’ll get your chance – and you won’t even have to rent a plane. Grab your helmet and step inside the vertical wind tunnel at Flyaway Indoor Skydiving for a three-minute trip to the virtual clouds. Close your eyes and imagine the earth far below as the rush of wind keeps you afloat, or try your hand at a few acrobatic maneuvers. Coaching sessions are even available if you’d like to use your new skills in a real skydive. And don’t worry, there’s no experience necessary to enjoy this adventure.

If you thought all Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN had to offer were nature walks and outlet malls, you’re in for a treat. There’s plenty of exciting entertainment for thrill seekers of every age. Whether you’re looking for a unique way to enjoy the great outdoors, a ride on a world-class roller coaster, or an unusual skydiving trip, one thing is certain: you’ll need to take a few days to rest up after this vacation.

PCT Training Hike on the Big Piney Trail, Paddy Creek Wilderness, Missouri

I set out for my first overnight training hike that I have been on since I was on the PCT in May, 2016. Starting at the Roby Lake, Missouri area, I made my way down an unfamiliar trail, with an intentionally overloaded pack. Two tents, two sleeping bags, and just about every piece of gear and trail clothing I own. I didn’t bother to weigh the pack, but it was the heaviest I have ever carried. Some distance into the trail I found a trail register – I stopped to register and was curious to see if I might come across any kindred souls. Nope, not a soul on the trail register for the past 12 days, I would very likely be totally alone. The trail meandered uphill and down, by ponds, and eventually to a nice creek with a small waterfall. Along the way I came to a pine grove atop a ridge and what a mess that was – we recently had freezing rain here in Missouri and it looks like it took out several dozen along the trail – they literally look like they just exploded – with the trail being impassable for about ¼ mile – resulting in some bushwhacking and hopefully me not getting lost. Unlike the PCT where I have Halfmile, Guthooks, and other apps that can tell you that you are 400’ west of the trail, and which direction you need to go to get back on trail, here you just need to pay more attention.

When finally done tramping around the blow downs I continued down the trail, and back up on top of another ridge and into some pines. I set up camp about 4:30 PM which would usually be early, but it was dark, cloudy and wet – I wanted to find a decent campsite and took the 2nd one that I thought looked nice. As I set up camp I found I was just above a nice running creek, which made for a nice setting. There was no rain in the forecast but heavy fog came in, which collected on the trees and might as well have been rain. Of course I packed everything, except my rain fly it turned out. Yes I had another tent, but that is my PCT tent and I am not going to chance damaging it before I even get there. I decide it’s not too bad, occasional drips would splatter through the netting but all would be well – and I did have my bivy sack so I put my sleeping bag in there, inside the tent, and made sure most things were covered. There were signs of bear throughout, and I could not locate my paracord rope for hanging my food, so I put the food in my pack, put the pack a ways up a tree, and strapped it on to hope for the best. I had a time getting a campfire going, with everything being wet, but eventually enjoyed a nice campfire until bed time. Unlike being on the PCT where you never really feel alone because there are so many other hikers out there, I knew I was truly alone out here, there were no other footprints in the mud – see the pictures of the trail/river – and this was a bit unusual, really feeling alone and way out there. I enjoyed that. It was one of those nights when every noise piques your curiosity, and every drop falling from the trees landing in leaves sounds like a footstep of some kind – I did hear some animal grunt, possibly a ferel hog, bear, or deer even – couldn’t really tell. Nothing bothered my pack, and all was well in the morning – but much of my gear was wet. I set off back down to the trail head, surprised at how little muscle or back pain I was in considering the workout provided by the trail and the heavy weight I was carrying. I would feel it a bit later however, but that’s a good thing, that’s why I am training – trying to get some sense of trail legs before I hit the PCT exactly 60 days from now! I received my permission to enter Canada, I have my plane tickets, and in 3 more days I will apply for and get my PCT permit for March 21, 2017 – time is flying by…

The New Trail

We woke up early and prepared for our day. We ate our breakfast and threw our snowshoes into the back seat of the truck. We were going to try out a new trail for snowshoeing today. You could feel the excitement in the air as we chatted about our upcoming hike. We had done some research on the snowshoe trails in the area. Google is an amazing thing when you need information.

Our first thoughts were to take an easy trail like East Bluff Trail Loop which is 2.701 miles. We also thought about Kettle View and Meadow Trails Loop which is an easy 3 mile walk. However, we decided that we were going to look at the moderate skill trails. Since we just started to snowshoe last year we felt very confident that a moderate trail would challenge us, but not leave us at total exhaustion.

The three trails that peaked our interest were the Pike Lake Trail for 2 miles, the Nordic Trail for 3.7 miles and the Peninsula State Park Trail for 4.10 miles. We have had good experience with the upkeep of the trails that we have been on and were leaning towards the Peninsula State Park Trail, but after much consideration decided that since this was our first trail of the moderate range we would go for the Nordic Trail. Not really sure what the deciding factor was other than the name. It made me feel like a brave warrior cutting my trail through the unknown territory. I know that may sound silly, but creativity is a wonderful gift that I like to embellish to add to my snowshoeing adventure.

We arrived at the trail by 9:00 a.m. and quickly snapped on our snowshoes and clothing. We have learned that one of the most important parts of snowshoeing (aside from the snowshoes themselves) is proper dressing. I have learned to focus on keeping my core warm, because it does not take long to warm up and I prefer not to carry all that extra clothes with me during the rest of my walk. Now I dress for my daily adventure and found that since my blood starts to pump with my newfound love for this sport I no longer need to dress like I am heading to the artic pole.

I never thought that I would enjoy winter like I do now. I feel so alive as my family and I hit the open trail. The sights are breathtaking and communing with nature adds to that good all day feeling that surrounds up during our morning walk.

We were tired and content when we arrived home later that afternoon. A day on the trails not only gave us a good workout, but also some much needed family time. Life gets so busy with work and life that sometimes you just have to put that all on pause and go for a walk on the Nordic Trail.